Why Choose RCI

RCI is unique in that we have successfully weathered the economic challenges through universal guiding principles of integrity and honesty with our clients, contractors, and financial obligations.

The Best Quality for the Price

RCI approaches every opportunity with the client’s best interests in mind. We operate in a transparent manner in all aspects of the project and make it a priority to give you want you need to be successful in your own business. Where other contractors may work to earn your business on price alone, we work to earn your business on a combination of pricing, quality, and timeliness.

No Job is Too Small

RCI knows that small beginnings can grow into large and successful endeavors. RCI wants to grow with you and be your design and building resource of choice.

We Listen

We know that every business owner is unique. We strive to know each client in a manner that promotes the kind of communication that produces the results you expect.

It’s your business; and we make our business to learn what you need so that you can be successful at it.