The RCI Difference

With all the competition in the construction industry, what can RCI promise besides the expected performance of delivering a project on time and within budget?

Peace of mind – Our client’s peace of mind is the ultimate goal.

Finish-out Planning and Design

Initial space planning is a free service RCI offers. From that we can develop a “first look” Budget. Equipped with these tools, your feasibility study and due diligence research becomes much easier.  It is a team effort; you talk, we listen.  There is no “cookie-cutter” approach when RCI designs each solution.

It’s only after we agree to work together that a formal proposal is created to make it official; and only then is a retainer accepted for the design work.

Finish-out Construction

We will not require any money upfront to begin construction. We provide a line-item, percentage-of-completion invoice on the 15th and last day of each month. You pay for what is built and in place on the site.

How can we afford to do that?  Good planning and a sound financial base. Our credit is impeccable; our relationship with subcontractors is long standing. We are a strong company and we are confident in our work.

Our Success Benefits You

We feel so strongly in our thoroughness that once a dollar figure is agreed upon we will not alter it. That means no surprises from our end.

As projects take shape, you may want to make changes. When that occurs we quote you a price and let you decide. We work with you all along the way to provide you with the environment that will support the success of your business.