About RCI

From modest beginnings, Walter Renna has developed his experience and talents in the Construction industry. He directs a small but very talented group of people at Renna Construction, Inc. (RCI), the company he founded in 1979 after serving our country with the United States Armed Forces.

“RCI is a unique construction company in that it never settles for the usual or cookie cutter approach. We treat every project as extraordinary and special. Even a relatively simple single office building project receives the same respect and attention as a 130,000 square foot food processing plant. “

Who We Serve

The property owners and managers at times are the prime client and are respected as that. But it is the needs of the people that work and live in our finished projects that we must satisfy. In order to reach that goal, RCI takes the time to learn what they do and how they do it. Only then can we best serve all the parties involved with any project.

Our Approach to Work

RCI is not in existence just to earn a pay check. We are curious and unafraid of putting our talents to work in new and challenging ways; as our resume shows. RCI has performed a wide array of projects to a very broad client base. Throughout every project, large or small, RCI remains vigilant in our approach to fiscal responsibilities and obligations.

Working for the Future

And the fact that small beginnings sometimes grow into very large endeavors is the reason we say and mean “No job is too small”:

  • A single office, basic electronics lab can turn into the next Cymer Laser, now a division of Motorola.
  • The garage shop of a ceramics artisan becomes Kyocera-America.
  • The after hour efforts of a pizza shop manager grows into Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods.

RCI took the time to listen to and learn from all our clients.

Whether you have a basic concept or a ready to build full blown set of plans, we at RCI are here to listen.